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Yuki Ota at the London Olympics 2012


One of my best friends Yuki Ota(太田雄貴) is at the London.
It's his third Olympics.
Selected to compete against the gold medalist of the 2008 Olympics, he won.. and next was to compete against the world ranking number one fencer, where he lost.
He was chosen to compete in the most difficult matches from the very start. He showed a great fight with the strongest fencers in the world.

In fencing, the person who gets 15pts first is the winner.
They were 13-14, Yuki was only one behind.. and then he got his 14th pt, so they were 14-14. In the very end, his opponent striked in a point. It was so, so close.

On the 5th, he will compete as a member(the captain) of Japan's national team!

The first Japanese Olympic medalist for fencing- he received his silver medal in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and moved to the top of the world rankings after finishing runner-up in a Fleuret World Cup meet in Russia on 28 May 2009.