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February 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Anna Kanehara!

celebrated Anna's birthday!

I just saw her on TV last night.(I watch the TV show she appears on every week!)

It's been a while since I had Japanese beer.
had a great time!




February 07, 2013

Randy Jones ランディ•ジョーンズ


The orignal cowboy from Village People!!

Cover version of Y.M.C.A, sung in Japanese titled "Young Man", by Japanese singer Hideki Saijo in 1979. It marked #1 on the Japanese official singles chart Oricon for 5 weeks, and finally sold more than 800,000 copies- and became the most commercially successful cover version of the song.

Y.M.C.A、In The Navy、Go westなど世界的なヒット曲を数々生み出したグループで、全世界の売上げは5,000万枚以上、また世界中のアーティストによってたくさんの曲がカバーされている。

Y.M.C.A.: 西城秀樹さんがカバー(曲名YOUNG MAN)

In The Navy: ピンクレディがカバー(曲名ピンク・タイフーン)

It's not "yung man!"と言われました。

February 06, 2013

video of eating pizza on Superbowl party.

1.2 million views in a week..

In response to the videos of me eating pizza on Superbowl day- there have been many misunderstood ideas and comments and emails coming in..

This was a first time collaboration with a new organization Thuzio- I was asked if I would like to come onboard and give opportunities to fans to get close and ask questions over lunch or dinner. This was a more casual idea than I had ever encountered, but seemed interesting and I was more than happy to do so. The collaboration between Thuzio and myself is a very rare opportunity and is only for fans in NYC and the five boroughs.. and for only one group (up to five people) a month. As it was the first one, we debuted this project with a request which came from a guy who throws an annual Superbowl party in his home.
This being the first kick-off visit with Thuzio and it being Superbowl Day, I actually went to his home and did a one minute demonstration for their very large group of friends. I hung out with them afterwards and had beer.. and it was a good time. I was grateful for their hospitality!

The press has made it seem as if this is something I normally do and that the fee stated in the articles, is my going rate- which is absolutely not true. The collaboration with Thuzio is something completely different and this past Sunday was a special occassion- and had nothing to do with my professional eating business. The one minute pizza eating demonstration was a gift to them from myself. It will not be possible for me to travel to the homes of my fans and normally do something like this with such a large group, but I enjoyed this experience very much.

Thank you for all the requests and I apologize for having to explain.. but it needed to be made clear. The requests to Thuzio are particularly for fans who would like to have dinner or lunch in private groups. All other business requests should go to the information email on my site.

I look forward to the continuing to meet with fans once a month, and will not forget this Superbowl Sunday I spent with a fan in Long Island.

Thank you for understanding and your never ending support!

February 04, 2013

My Facebook page


I update my Facebook page more often than this blog!

Please check my Facebook page as well.