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This is Takism Square, where the riots for freedom began.
Turkey is made up of an eclectic mix of people from different cultures & religions.. also a very open minded & modern world of people.
These people are showing "demonstrations" (what they call their messages to the government)- expressing their disapproval of the prime minister & his beliefs for how the country should be run.
Turkey is a gorgeous country with a peaceful culture of people living alongside one another with different beliefs.. but the prime minister now is trying to take away the democracy they once had. He has said that public kissing should not be allowed, that a person having had one beer is an alcoholic.. that Turkish people should stay in Islamic beliefs.. etc.
Yet has already torn down many old landmarks to create new shopping malls to make money.

There is even much more for these people to fight for!
The Turkish press is even being controlled by the government and not allowing the correct stories to be told- they are relying on social media and foreign news to capture the truth to this revolutionary fight for freedom. These people who are rioting here, also are the same people camping out and cleaning the streets in the morning after the rioting is finished.
There is no violence coming from anyone except the police who are also controlled by this dictator. They fight for the true meaning of democracy, liberty, & freedom.. AND I SUPPORT IT.


Many more photos in the album "Freedom Riots in Istanbul" on Facebook.
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