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June 30, 2016

In case you don't know about the contract before Hungry's Premiere.

in 2010, when it seemed impossible to confirm a reasonable contract, I finally had my lawyer
Chet Olsen, contact the president of the hot dog company (Nathan's), I had problems with, (who is the host of the competition); to let me compete. The answer from the hot dog company was, to have a
contract with the association (who does the pr for this one day event every year).

In the contract, it did not allow me to participate with a hot dog in any way, in any event, under any circumstance - so the hot dog company, would have been able to guard and control my actions of work, through the association. It was a contract for only one day to be in a hot dog contest, which took over all exclusive rights to work for over one year (including "food" in general!)

" 6. Non-Compete. During the Term of the Agreement, Competitor
agrees not to engage in any of the following activities without the written consent of the IFOCE:

A. Endorse, or participate in any way in an event or promotion, for a brand in the following categories: Hot Dog (This includes any brand that is primarily known for frankfurters/hot dogs such as Hebrew National, Oscar Meyer, Ball Park, Bar-S, Sabrett, Kahn's, Eckrich, Kayem Foods/Al Fresco and FUD).
. . . .
B. Participate, compete, host, judge, endorse , promote or participate in any way in any event, exhibition or performance wherein a person eats as a stunt, consuming a very large amount of food, consuming food very quickly, or attempting to establish or break a food consumption record, or
competing against another person(s), animal or time clock. "
(This contract is the same as the original one, which my lawyer Chet Olsen also has. )

I still tried to negotiate through my lawyer Chet Olsen, but since they did not have a lawyer, we could not seem to have a conversation based on professionalism and law, to reach an agreement.
I believe that the contestant's private agent and publicity should be separated from the competition, so I had explained to my manager that I was not going to participate in their hot dog competition from an early time- if the contract could not be changed.

As the story goes, eventually we never came to an agreement and I was unable to take part in the contest. The rest is history as you know it- as for me getting arrested, being dismissed from the courts, and gaining my freedom.
Kobayashi VS. nathan's.jpg

Hungry ハングリー!  Kobayashi VS. nathan's


How many hot dogs could you eat in 10 minutes? Follow the jaw-dropping exploits of several competitive eaters, including the world famous Takeru Kobayashi, known for his six consecutive wins at the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest in Coney Island. After a contract dispute with Nathan's and their PR company, that company that hold a veritable monopoly on the sport, Kobayashi is banned from their events, but fights back to restore his tarnished reputation.




June 26, 2016

NY gay pride 2016

Marching with Hillary for pride.
ゲイプライド ヒラリーチームとして行進。🌈